Celebrate the Season With Mother Nature in Mind - Ideas and Inspiration for a Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Sep 29

Image: 6 years of growth, X litres of water, tonnes of fertiliser for a few days of decoration.


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tips for care, maintenance and recycling

Try Something New

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For example, the City of Zurich, as of DATE, stopped the practise. As of does no longer recycle them as organic material This is due to the heavy use of chemical fertilisers during growth, as well as residues of plastic, wax and metal from ornaments and candles.

Bis vor zwei Jahren wurden die Christbäume als Bioabfall eingesammelt und landeten als Kompost auf den Feldern der Bauern. Weil die Bäume aber teilweise chemisch behandelt wurden und zudem oft Rückstände von Kunstwachs und Lametta aufwiesen, sind wir davon abgekommen. Nun werden die Bäumchen im Kehrichtkraftwerk Hagenholz thermisch verwertet. Das hat mehrere Vorteile: Einerseits werden mit der Reinigung der Rauchgase umweltschädliche Stoffe neutralisiert. Andererseits ist die mit dem Verbrennen gewonnene Wärme zu zwei Dritteln CO2-neutral. Sie wird dem städtischen Fernwärmenetz zugeführt, welches damit Zürich-Nord beheizt.


To maximise positive impact remember the following:

  • Of course, as always sourcing matters. Look out for sustainable forestry and Bio certificates

  • Stay away from things like lamella, ornaments with glitter or candles

  • Before you dispose of the natural material, make sure you remove all remanence of decoration.

Click here to see a list of sustainable Christmas tree nurseries in Switzerland

Info & Tips

A WILD VASE Great if you are expecting only very few presents this year.

TIPS: Use different types of evergreen branches to add texture and colour. Replenishing the water regularly will keep them looking fresh for longer.


Ideal if you want to make a statement this Christmas.

TIPS: You don’t need to add water. However, the branches will slump a bit as they dry, water will slow that process down. If you are doing a big display, place stones in the vase to prevent it from tipping over.


Spot on if you want to make your presents look bigger.

TIPS: Use different sized branches for a more “foresty” effect and space them apart unevenly. I used a heavy vase and bits of flower foam to prop them up.


Perfect if you want to grow old with your tree.

TIPS: There are tree nurseries that rent out trees, some even let you rent the same one each year. The one in the picture is my personal tree. For the 2-3 weeks that it spends indoors I water it every 2-3 days. The rest of the year it spends outside, exposed to rainfall. The key is water! Pine trees need lots of it. I use extra-large saucers, especially during summer. The bigger the pot the better but keep in mind that you have to move it once a year. You can trim it but do not cut the top.

If you have any question feel free to reach out via info@liylbjorn.ch Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2021.

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